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Ding Ding Ding Casino Review - Is It Legit

Ding Ding Casino Review

welcome bonus

5 SC + 100,000 GC – no promo code required

Bonuses & Promotions

Rated 5 of 100%


Rated 5 of 100%

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Rated 5 of 100%

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Rated 5.00 of 100%

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General information



Languages: English

Launched: 2022

Withdrawals: Cash Prizes

Support: Email

Licenses: US

Main features

Referral Program:

Video Slots:

Cash Withdrawals:

Live Casino Games:

VIP Program:

Daily Rewards:



Accepted Currencies: USD

Payment methods: Credit/Debit Card

Detailed review

Are you on the hunt for a new sweepstakes casino to try your luck and enjoy a really cool gaming experience? Yes? Then Ding Ding Ding Casino might just be the free sweepstakes casino platform you've been searching for.

Ding Ding Ding Casino offers a fun and dynamic gaming environment with an impressive selection of games - giving you a real, traditional casino gaming experience.

DingDingDing Casino has struck the perfect balance between being a site with fun gaming activities and giving out pretty generous rewards. While this is mainly somewhere you might go for fun - if you do play with sweepstakes coins and win enough, you can convert your accumulated sweepstakes coins into real money prizes.

Are you ready to find out more? Then let's take a look at everything you need to know about the site in this in-depth Ding Ding Ding Casino review.

Bonus & Promotions

Rated 5 of 100%

As a new player who's just about to step into this cool new social casino, you'll be welcomed with one of the most impressive sign-up bonuses out there: a huge 100,000 Gold Coins plus 5 extra Sweepstakes Coins - completely free! You won't even need a Ding Ding Ding no-deposit bonus code; these coins will simply be credited to your account when you sign up for the first time.

These free sweepstakes mean that you get to explore all the casino games - with the opportunity to win real cash prizes for free. However, bear in mind that you will have to use your bonus Sweep Coins at least once before you can redeem them for actual rewards.

But that's just for starters...let's take a look at some of the other bonuses and promotions you will come across at the Ding Ding Ding sweepstakes casino...

Existing Player Bonuses and Promotions

Here are the existing player promotions and no-deposit bonus offers...

Daily Log-In Bonus

To claim your daily log-in bonuses, first, you'll need to register and then click on the "Daily Rewards" icon. The daily rewards page will then pop up, and you'll see seven cards that represent each day of the week, with specific reward prizes for that particular day.

However, if you fail to log in on one day, your daily bonus will reset your progress for the week back to Day 1.

You'll be rewarded as follows:

  • Day 1: 20,000 Gold Coins (GC) and 1 Sweepstakes Coin (SC)
  • Day 2: 50,000 GC and 1 SC
  • Day 3: 75,000 GC and 1 SC
  • Day 4: 100,000 GC and 1 SC
  • Day 5: 250,000 GC and 1 SC
  • Day 6: 500,000 GC and 1 SC
  • Day 7: 1,000,000 GC and 1 SC

In total, if you collect your reward every day of the week, you'll end up with 1,950,000 Gold Coins and 7 Sweeps Coins for free! These will then give you a great opportunity to win real prizes every single day.

Daily Challenges

You can also try your luck at DingDingDing Casino Daily Challenges, which will assign you a task to complete. Completing these tasks will earn you certain prizes. Located below the daily rewards, you'll see the tasks icon - where you'll find the tasks updated regularly - so make sure you check it every few hours.

Here are some examples of what you may be asked to do:

  • Play a Bingo game at least three times
  • Win a jackpot game twice

The rewards for these challenges will depend. Some offer Gold Coins, others offer Sweepstakes Coins - and some offer a combination of both.

Level Up Progress Bonus

DingDingDing Casino also has a bonus system that will reward you every time you level up. With 400 levels available, moving up each tier will provide you with rewards, including Gold Coins, bingo tickets or gems (we'll look at these later). As you climb the levels, the rewards get better - although reaching the highest levels can take a lot of time (and money).

Want to climb those levels quicker? You should play with your Gold Coins at the maximum bet. This will speed up your progress - and unlock more games and better rewards even more quickly.

Special Purchase Offers

Currently, Ding Ding Ding Casino offers its players four limited-time purchase options, which you'll find under the 'Deals' tab. Some of the ongoing deals include:

  • Beginner’s Choice: 3,000,000 Gold Coins plus 3 Sweepstakes Coins for £2.99.
  • Player’s Choice: 12,500,000 GC plus 10 SC for £9.99.
  • Winner’s Choice: 35,000,000 GC plus 25 SC for £24.99.
  • Ultimate Deal: 150,000,000 GC plus 100 SC for £89.99.

These offers don't last for too long - so make sure you claim them before they go.

Refer a Friend

Refer-a-friend schemes are hugely popular on promotional sweepstakes casinos. Although they haven't introduced in yet, Ding Ding Ding Casino is on the cusp of unveiling a pretty impressive referral program, promising incredible rewards for every new player you introduce to the platform.

Stay tuned for further details— and we'll bring you all the information you need to know about it.

Social Media Competitions

DingDingDing encourages its players to follow them on social media, - encouraging players to become part of a community where they can connect and share their experiences.

On the social media pages, you can take part in site-sponsored contests - where you might need to like and share posts or even win guessing games.

If you do take part in these competitions, you can win all sorts - including plenty of free coins, giving you an even more exciting social casino experience.


Rated 5 of 100%

Once you have your free coins, it's time for some sweepstakes casino game play.

DingDingDing Casino is a free social gaming platform that features a progressive game unlocking system, so the more you play, the more games you'll have access to.

Here are some of the games you can enjoy as a Ding Ding Ding Casino player:

Online Slots

DingDingDing Casino has a great selection of in-house-developed free slot games, all boasting a high hit frequency and low volatility, so plenty of fun - and hopefully plenty of wins.

The casino's selection of slot games caters to all different tastes, and while the graphics, sound effects, and other elements might not be the most impressive we've seen, the overall experiences are pretty decent. What's more, you can play these slots in auto mode, so you won't even have to spend your free Gold coins to play them.

As you climb through the levels, you'll be able to unlock new slots and even increase the maximum bet limits. With each level-up, the maximum amount you can bet will increase by 5,000 Gold Coins, reaching up to 1,000,000 Gold Coins per spin. However, the maximum you can bet in SC mode always stays at SC 5 per spin.

To move up the levels quicker - for more games and higher betting limits, keep playing those maximum bets! Another way to speed up your progress and expand your slots collection is by using some of the power-ups that are available on the platform (which we'll look at later).

Some of the most popular slot games include:

  • Savannah: Immerse yourself in the African savannah with this 3x5 slot game. This exciting game offers 20 paylines, fun bonus rounds, and wild symbols - and you have to spin the nine fearsome animal symbols... with the lion, the king of the jungle, promising the biggest payouts. Get ready for a virtual safari and try to hunt down those real cash wins.
  • Wester: Get ready for a thrilling Wild West adventure. This game is accessible from level 1 and is played out on a 3x5 layout. However, what makes it stand out is its jackpot bonus that can be triggered by landing three or more Jackpot Bonus Symbols. With additional features like a bonus feature and a single sector wild, this can add some serious thrills to your gaming escapades.

Ding Ding Ding Bingo Games

If you are someone who likes playing Bingo games, then you'll be pleased to know that DingDingDing delivers an incredible Bingo experience that's both fun and pretty rewarding for players if they do well. Each game includes three tickets, each containing ten numbers. If you do manage to strike off those numbers, you will be rewarded with both Sweepstakes Coins and Gold Coins, with the prizes getting bigger and better as you play more games.

Because you can collect free tickets while you play Bingo means that you can win entirely for free at DingDingDing - another excellent way to earn rewards.

Getting started with the Bingo games couldn't be easier - a notification will inform you when you've earned the ten tickets you need to join a Bingo game. This interactive and easily accessible feature gives you that extra layer of fun - and rewards.

Provably Fair

Rated 5 of 100%

Customer Support

Rated 5 of 100%

DingDingDing, like any online sweepstakes casino, aims to provide a great experience - and a big part of this means providing top-quality customer support. This is one area where we did think that there could be some improvement.

If you do come across an issue that you can't find the answer to in the site's FAQ - or other informational pages, you can go ahead and directly contact their customer service team.

The support email for DingDingDing is:

Most sweepstakes casinos don't provide phone support. Nevertheless, DingDingDing Casino offers phone assistance on the following line from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm: 1-800-971-0734

We did note that the responses were pretty slow, which is something that could be rectified.


Rated 5 of 100%

The name behind Ding Ding Ding Casino is Living Pixels Studio LLC - which is a company well-known for creating some pretty impressive games that work perfectly on online platforms as well as mobile devices.

The company behind the site is a small but efficient team - and is comprised of top-end designers and excellent2D and 3D artists. From our research, here are some of the main facts about Living Pixels Studio LLC:

How Ding Ding Ding Casino Works

Ding Ding Ding uses two main virtual currencies - Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins, along with a few boosters you need to know about.

These boosters, which have been created to help you progress quicker, can really enhance gameplay, giving you all sorts of advantages such as faster levelling up and even increased payouts.

These not only mean more fun, but they can also add another layer of strategy and make it even more thrilling.

Gold Coins

Gold Coins play a massive role as a virtual currency in the Ding Ding Ding Casino ecosystem. Generally used purely for fun - and to advance through the levels, Gold Coins allow you to unlock new games and level up your account. You can even see your progress visually depicted on a progress bar, where you will see a star icon that fills up as you keep playing those slots.

While the levelling process in Ding Ding Ding Casino is lots of fun, it can take a lot of time and, more significantly, quite a few coin purchases.

Sweepstakes Coins

Sweepstakes Coins are the other virtual currency on the Ding Ding Ding gaming platform. These ones aren't available to purchase directly, but they are often given out as bonuses or gifts as you spend your time on the site or when you buy Gold Coins packages.

What sets Sweepstakes Coins apart is the fact that is is these coins that give you the chance to play for real, tangible prizes.

Ding Ding Ding Gems

Gems, represented by blue diamonds, are incredibly valuable as an in-game currency within Ding Ding Ding Casino. You can trade these gems for consumable items such as experience and level boosters, making them even better and helping you to level up even more quickly.

In order to get gems, you will need to purchase them, which you can do by opening up the dedicated shop page and clicking the green 'Shop' button, which you will find positioned underneath the 'Deals' section.

When you open the shop, you'll find gems and coins segregated into different tabs, all offering several different packages for purchase. As it stands, there are six different gem packages up for sale, priced between £1.99 and £99.99.


The site also offers Power Ups and follows:

  • XP Boost: This is a booster that will enhance your experience points (XP) per spin, which means you will be able to unlock more games even more quickly.
  • Level Boost: This is a similar booster to the XP Boost - but even better as these boost your levels. Given that there are as many as 4000 levels - each coming with its own rewards, you can get those goodies even quicker.

User Experience

The layout of Ding Ding Ding Casino looks really great; it is filled with bright colours, and all the features have been laid out so that it's incredibly easy to navigate. On the homepage, you'll see a clear snapshot of everything that the platform has to offer - and you'll clearly see all of the impressive casino games, promotions, and other benefits.

It’s clear that the development team put in a lot of thought when they were creating the site - and we were pleased to see that everything is in a way that makes everything easy to find in just a few clicks of the mouse or taps of the screen.

In terms of overall navigation, the site has a very user-friendly menu that makes it easy to find the different sections of the platform. Whether you want to dive into the different games, check out the latest promotions, or simply find out more about how the platform operates, you can easily do so by scrolling through the main menu.

The games have all been well organized into categories, so you'll be able to quickly find your preferred slots or see what new ones you want to play. However, it would be good to see more detailed information about each game's mechanics, which we hope could be something they consider in the near future.

We were pleased to note that the platform is fully optimized for mobile devices, so you can access all different games and features seamlessly from your smartphone.

Payment Methods

Ding Ding Ding, although primarily a free casino, still offers in-app purchases through its in-game store. Essentially, you have the option to buy Gold Coins and gems. However, as with all Sweepstakes Casino, although Gold Coins and gems are purchasable, you can't buy Sweepstakes Coins, and these can only be earned as part of the engaging gaming experience on the platform.

Currently, Ding Ding Ding will only accept bank cards for both purchases and redemptions. To make sure you enjoy a smooth transaction process, make sure that you have verified your account, as this is necessary if you do want to redeem real cash prizes.

Regarding redemption limits, the minimum amount you can redeem is 50 Sweepstakes Coins. Conversely, the maximum number of coins that you can convert into real money prizes in one day is capped at 5,000.


Rated 5.00 of 100%

weepstakes casinos offer a distinctive gaming experience to traditional online casinos, but they are still subject to certain geographical restrictions.

Some states do impose limitations on sweepstakes gaming, which means that if you live in those areas, you won't be able to play at Ding Ding Ding Casino.

As it stands, if you live in the following states, you won't be able to legally play on the platform:

  • Washington
  • Illinois
  • Nevada
  • Idaho

What's more, only those who are aged 21 or above are allowed to enjoy all the gaming activities offered at Ding Ding Ding Casino.

So, there you have it! DingDingDing is a fun social casino that offers an impressive selection of sweepstakes games, along with a generous rewards system and a well-designed user interface. Its unique game progression system also makes you keep wanting to go back for more.

The platform’s mobile-responsive design means you can enjoy all your favorite games on the go - although maybe slightly more responsive customer support would be better.

In our experience, this was a casino that offers a very comprehensive social gaming experience - if you're after lots of games and lots of bonuses, although there are areas that could do with some improvement. The maximum win in games is quite a bit lower than in other sweepstakes casinos. Moreover, the game selection is good.... although the graphics and bonus features could be improved. Redemptions could also be a bit quicker, although they weren't too much slower than the industry average.

If you do want to give Ding Ding Ding Casino a go, simply click on our link, claim your bonus, and see how quickly you can climb those levels.




Pros & Cons of playing at Ding Ding Ding Casino


  • Great Bonuses
  • Slots & Bingo
  • Real Cash Prizes


  • No Live Chat


DingDingDing is an online social casino website that's free to play and offers an impressive range of casino-style games, with slots, bingo and player-versus-player solitaire games. As a sweepstakes site, it doesn't involve real-money gambling, but it focuses on giving players a fun experience, with the chance of real money wins thrown in.

No, it doesn't. As a sweepstakes casino, it costs nothing to play. You just need to create an account, and you will be given free gold coins and sweepstakes coins to play with - you can also win free coins by playing. However, you can purchase extra coins if you wish.

Absolutely! If you play the games in sweepstakes modes and accumulate enough winnings, then you will be able to redeem those sweepstakes coins for real cash prizes.

The Ding Ding Ding social casino offers an excellent selection of games. You can try your hand at bingo games, Las Vegas-style online slots and even PvP solitaire games. There is an excellent choice and you can enjoy all the games on desktop and mobile for even more flexibility!

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