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Slotomania Inner Circle App: Guide to VIP

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Welcome to our in-depth look at the Slotomania VIP program… the Inner Circle – and how you journey towards the prestigious Black Diamond Tier Club. For anyone unfamiliar with this social casino, Slotomania is not just another free-to-play casino platform; it’s a thriving community where players come back time and again to enjoy the very best experience.

Slotomania VIP Inner Circle

This loyalty is appreciated – and rewarded with generous coin rewards, special gifts, multipliers, and an exclusive pass to the very best games.

Let’s take a look at what it involves to be a Slotomania VIP and how you can move from that starter Bronze status to the heights of the highly sought-after Black Diamond tier.

About Slotomania

Slotomania, a well-established name in the online gaming community, is one of the most popular free-to-play online casinos. This isn’t real money gambling – and you can’t win real money… this is all about having fun.

Since its inception, Slotomania has made numerous changes, introducing new features and gaming experiences for its most dedicated players. One of the biggest and best achievements is its collaboration with Playtika Rewards. This partnership not only allows players to enjoy Slotomania, but they can also earn loyalty points at other top gaming sites, including House of Fun and World Series of Poker, so you have even more opportunities to earn rewards.

Just create a Slotomania account, and you can gain immediate access to all sorts of incredible games as you start your journey from the Bronze Status and work your way up to that mysteriously enigmatic Black Diamond Status.

In the exciting world of online casinos, Slotomania really stands out, offering an immersive and enjoyable experience from the comfort of your own home. Let’s take a look at how to join the Slotomania Inner Circle.


To get your Slotomania VIP Inner Circle journey off to a start, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Site: Click on our link over to This is where you can join the world of Slotomania’s most elite players.
  2. Follow the Prompts: Once on the site, you’ll see clear instructions that will seamlessly guide you through the registration process.
  3. Eligibility Check: Before getting started, make sure you’re at least at the diamond tier or above in Slotomania. The Inner Circle is only for players who have reached the heights. If you haven’t quite got there yet, don’t worry! You can level up with our top tips to build up your status.
  4. Fill in the Details: As you register, you’ll need to provide basic information. Make sure you don’t make any mistakes to avoid any complications later on.
  5. Confirmation: Once all your details are filled in and submitted, await an email confirmation message or email. This will confirm that you have earned your place in the Inner Circle of Slotomania VIPs.

Log In

Once you’ve registered, you can log in quickly and easily.

  1. Head over to
  2. Typically located at the top right corner of the page, the ‘Login’ button is fairly easy to spot. Click on it.
  3. You can then enter your username and password. Always remember to keep these details confidential for security reasons.
  4. After entering your credentials, you’ll be whisked away to the luxurious world of Slotomania VIP, where you can enjoy the privileges and exclusive games that are awaiting you.

And there you go! You’re in. Remember, as part of the Inner Circle, you’re not just playing games – you’re part of an exclusive experience – tailor-made for the best of the best in Slotomania.

The Inner Circle Club

If you want to fully immerse yourself in the exclusive world of Slotomania, the VIP Inner Circle really is the ultimate destination. It isn’t just a mere gaming platform – this is an experience that oozes luxury. Reserved only for the very best, the Inner Circle really is Slotomania at its very best.

In this world, you are at the very centre of it. You have a dedicated VIP account manager who showers you with free coins, offer after offer – and early access to the most seriously fun challenges. The Slotomania VIP Inner Circle is more than just a club; this is a playground for the elite – where every spin is filled with luxury. Want to be a part of it? Here’s what to expect:

  • A Personal VIP Manager: Your VIP Manager is there, on hand, to make sure your Slotomania journey is customized to meet your needs.
  • Free Coins: Expect plenty of complimentary coins for even more gameplay and more chances of winning.
  • Exclusive Offers: Receive special offers that aren’t available to regular players.
  • Coin Cascade: Increase your coin virtual coin purchased by 25%. Purchase 100 coins and receive 125.
  • First Access to Fun: Enjoy early access to Slotomania’s latest releases, so you’re one step ahead of the crowd.

Earning your spot in the VIP Inner Circle isn’t just a status symbol; this is an invitation to a whole new gaming world. From bonus coins cascading into your account to being the first to explore new adventures, it’s all about exclusivity and luxury.

So, step into the Inner Circle and mix with the creme de la creme.

The Diamond Levels

If you are joining SLotomania, you should aim to reach the height of greatness – the Diamond Tier Club. The VIP Diamond Tier isn’t just a level; this is a testament to your dedication, expertise, and passion for the game.

As you work your way through the ranks of Slotomania, you’ll get closer to this coveted status, where the rewards are unparalleled. Earning your way to Diamond Tier status isn’t a matter of luck; it’s about consistency, strategy – and a love of the game. Once you’re there, you’ll enter a world of exclusive features, bonuses, and a plethora of privileges.

Let’s take a look at the different Diamond levels and see what each level holds for its members.

  • Silver Diamond: Your first step in the Diamond Club, where you can get exclusive bonuses and a glimpse of what to expect.
  • Gold Diamond: Get even better coin bonuses, priority customer support, and access to special events.
  • Platinum Diamond: Even more substantial bonuses, early game access, and a personal gaming manager.
  • Black Diamond: The pinnacle of Slotomania game play. Enjoy unparalleled benefits – including exclusive event invitations.

The Diamond Tier of Slotomania VIP is a journey, a status, and a real commitment. This gives you an experience that cannot be matched in the world of online gaming. So, if you’re ready to commit, the Diamond Tier awaits.

Slotomania VIP App

In today’s digital world, the Slotomania VIP Inner Circle Download introduces an app experience that is every bit as brilliant as the actual VIP program. The luxurious VIP program is now mobile-ready, so you can enjoy all of its luxuries no matter where you are.

Whether you’re stuck there on your PC, prefer an Android phone, or are an Apple tablet devotee, the Slotomania VIP App means you can enjoy a seamless gaming session tailored to your device.

  • For PC Enthusiasts: You can enjoy everything from your browser! Head over to Slotomania’s website, and you’re right there, at the doorway of the VIP Inner Circle. Choose your mode of play, whether through Facebook or by using your Email/Phone. And for the savvy players? There’s a simple bookmark that ensures you can return to your gaming experience with just one click. Just “accept cookies” when prompted, and you’re good to go.
  • Android Fans: Get your VIP journey started with a straightforward visit to the Slotomania website on your device’s browser. The ‘Install’ button is right there, and this is the golden key to your VIP experience. And don’t worry about those pop-ups; Slotomania’s Inner Circle app is as secure as they come. Once it’s downloaded, the world of Slotomania is just a tap away!
  • For Apple Aficionados: The iOS path to Slotomania’s Inner Circle is smooth and seamless. Make sure your device’s iOS is up-to-date, launch Safari, and head to the Slotomania website. Add the site to your home screen, and voila, the Inner Circle app will be right there with your other icons. For added convenience, signing in with Facebook ensures a consistent gaming experience.

As well as being quick, easy and convenient, the Slotomania VIP App boasts all sorts of features to give you an even better gaming experience:

  • Seamless Integration: You can transition easily from desktop to mobile, so your progress is never lost.
  • Personal Account Management: With the VIP app, your personal account manager is always within easy reach.
  • Exclusive Access: VIP app users get to enjoy exclusive previews, bonus rounds, and offers that aren’t available to standard users.
  • High-End Security: The app also offers top-tier encryption, so your gaming and personal details are always fully protected.

The Slotomania VIP App isn’t just a mobile version of the game; this really is a ticket to a Slotomania VIP premium gaming experience.

An Even Better Game Selection

The Slotomania VIP Diamond Tier Club isn’t just a status symbol to boast about; this stands as a testament to the incredible gaming experience it offers. Bonuses and promotions aside, one of the very best features of the VIP Diamond Tier Club is definitely its diverse collection of games – from modern slot games to linked jackpot games and more.

Some of the top games you can access as a VIP member include:

Farm Fortune

Immerse yourself in the gorgeous world of Farm Fortune. This wonderful slot game transports you straight to the heart of a bustling farm. Keep an eye out for cute farm animals, crops, and other farm-themed symbols as you spin. However, what makes Farm Fortune even better is its amazing bonus rounds, generous free spins, and huge multipliers, making you want to keep coming back for more.

Magic Trixie

Then we have the magical world of Magic Trixie, with whimsical characters and an air of the unreal. You get to join the lovely Trixie, the cheeky fairy, on a slot machine adventure that promises thrills with every spin. As well as the base game, Magic Trixie will enchant you with her unique bonus games, abundant free spins, and spellbinding animations.

Civil Treasures

The past comes alive in Civil Treasures, a game paying homage to the great ancient civilizations. You get to go on an archaeological quest, spinning through historical relics and rich artefacts. The game not only looks great with its stunning visuals, but also with its innovative bonus rounds and cascading reels.

With high-end graphics, fun storylines, and generous payouts, these games are some of the most entertaining titles out there.

Ultimately, Slotomania’s VIP suite of games is more than just a few spins of the reels; it’s an experience. Every game has been perfectly designed to suit the tastes of the most elite players, so every single spin is a step into a world of luxury, thrill, and substantial wins.

Slotomania VIP Inner Circle - FAQs

The most recent Slotomania VIP update introduces exciting new features and enhancements to take your gaming journey to the next level!

Head over to your device’s app store and search for “Slotomania VIP”. Then, follow the installation instructions to enjoy the VIP Inner Circle benefits. If you don’t want to spend any money and purchase virtual items or virtual Vegas Cash, you can disable in-app purchases.

To access the Slotomania VIP Inner Circle download, head over to the official Slotomania website or check your in-game VIP section for the download link. You can then join the Inner Circle for exclusive rewards.

Slotomania VIP Diamond membership offers all sorts of exclusive perks, including faster level-up bonuses, better daily rewards, and higher-stakes gaming. A Diamond level offers a diamond experience.

Slotomania VIP Premium membership offers the ultimate Slotomania experience. You can enjoy benefits like exclusive slot machines, priority customer support, and more. Upgrade to Premium to unlock all VIP privileges – and you can play Slotomania to its full potential.


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